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Hypothalamic Amenorrhoea

Hypothalamic Amenorrhoea

Hypothalamic amenorrhoea is a condition in which the body suppresses the production of the hormone oestrogen. This can lead to a wide range of problems, including absent periods, fertility problems, and an increased risk of brittle bones and heart disease.

FHA is usually related to a combination of factors, including psychological stress, excessive physical activity, and low body weight.

Women who are diagnosed with FHA are usually told to gain weight and stop exercising. A lot of women feel confused around how much to eat or what to eat to gain weight in a healthy way. Quitting exercise cold turkey can also be too stressful.

In addition to emotional challenges of bringing your period back, lots of women with FHA also have to contend with underlying digestive issues and food intolerances that may have contributed to the condition in the first place. For many women, these digestive problems can make the process of weight restoration much harder. This can lead to fatigue, food-related anxiety and further weight loss.

I will support you to overcome these obstacles by providing you with science-based information and individualised advice on diet and lifestyle. Together, we will identify the changes that are needed to improve your health and recover your periods. I also offer ongoing support and motivation, so you can stay on track even when things gets tough.