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Be Good With Food (Dive Deeper)- 14 weeks

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Improving relationship with food and building habits towards long-term health and weight loss 


So many women are struggling with their relationship with food and their bodies. Jumping from one ‘quick fix’ diet to another, they often get short-lived weight loss alongside a more permanent loss in self-confidence and trust in their judgment around food choices. The Be Good with Food- Dive Deeper programme is designed to help with restoring a good relationship with food and build long-lasting nutrition and lifestyle habits to support weight loss and health. The examples of topics that may be includes (based on what’s relevant to you):

  • assessment of your true nutritional needs (all aspects of nutrition- not just calories!)
  • establishing eating patterns that work for you, both practically and with your health in mind
  • understanding the link between metabolism and energy availability
  • getting rid of the dieting mentality and focusing on life-long sustainable changes
  • identifying your healthy weight range
  • exploring emotional eating
  • dealing with cravings/ emotional eating
  • exploration of food rules and nutrition-related beliefs
  • overcoming binge-restrict cycles or overeat- compensate cycles
  • re-learning how to recognise and respond to hunger and fullness signals
  • telling apart hunger from cravings
  • Building new positive habits to achieve sustainable weight loss
  • Building new nutrition and lifestyle habits that you enjoy and that feel natural to you


The Good with Food (Dive Deeper) programme structure:

1 x assessment consultation (90 minutes) + clinical report

  • Comprehensive health & lifestyle assessment to explore medical history, family history, lifestyle factors and diet
  • Building an understanding of the factors that are maintaining negative eating behaviours
  • Devising a dietary and lifestyle strategies to improve your health and your relationship with food
10 x progress consultations (weekly)
  • 5 x 60 minute video consultations and 5 x optional 20 minute phone calls for problem solving. motivation/ any other needs
  • Supportive handouts 
  • Supplement recommendations (if required)
  • Referrals to my network of trusted consultants & practitioners (if required)
  • Recommendations for clinical tests and interpretation (if required)


Once you have completed the initial programme, you may find that you have additional goals that you would like to achieve. Alternatively, you may feel that you need longer-term support in order to maintain your progress. In either case, we are here to help. We can amend the programme or arrange further appointments as and when you need them. This ensures that you always have the support that you need in order to achieve your goals.

For existing clients, the follow up appointments are at £110 for 60 minute appointment. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss your options.