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Be Good with Food (Foundations) - 10 weeks

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Learn how to use nutritional principals with flexibility to build a healthy relationship with food.


Nourishing ourselves should be one of the simplest things we do each day, yet so many women go through life feeling weighed down by food - both physically and emotionally. There is no one size fits all approach to a healthy diet or restoring a good relationship with food, therefore, the programme will be designed specifically for you.

The examples of topics may include:

  • Assessment of your true nutritional needs (all aspects of nutrition- not just calories!) establishing eating patterns that work for you, both practically and with your health in mind.
  • Understanding the link between metabolism and energy availability.
  • Getting rid of dieting mentality and focusing on life-long sustainable changes.
  • Exploring emotional eating.
  • Dealing with cravings/ emotional eating.
  • Exploration of food rules and nutrition-related beliefs.
  • Overcoming binge-restrict cycles or overeat- compensate cycles.
  • Re-learning how to recognise and respond to hunger and fullness signals.
  • Telling apart hunger from cravings.

The Good with Food - Foundations programme structure:

  • 1 x assessment consultation (90 minutes) + clinical report.
  • Comprehensive health & lifestyle assessment to explore medical history, family history, lifestyle factors and diet.
  • Building an understanding of the factors that are maintaining negative eating behaviours.
  • Devising a dietary and lifestyle strategies to improve your health and your relationship with food.
  • 6 x progress consultations.
  • 3 x 60min zoom and 3 x 20min optional phone calls for problem solving/ motivation/ any other needs.
  • Supportive handouts.
  • Supplement recommendations (if required).
  • Referrals to my network of trusted consultants & practitioners (if required).
  • Recommendations for clinical tests and interpretation (if required).