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Client Testimonials

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Marvellous Monika ★★★★★

Monika was amazing with me. Very supportive, realistic and professional at all times. Her service is incredible and she really understood the journey that I was going through. It was super working with somebody who knows their stuff and can support appropriately. I would highly recomend Monika.


Monika helped me regain control of my health and nutrition and break the cycle of sugar addiction ★★★★★

Monika has helped me regain control of my health, nutrition and wellness since I gave birth to my second son in April this year and help me break the cycle of sugar addiction.

I have had a sugar addiction since I was a young child and have never thought about receiving help from a dietician until this year when I fell pregnant with my second son and realised it’s time to improve my health and nutrition now that I have two little people depending on me! :)

I’m so glad I got in touch with Monika as she has given me the tools I need to help me reach this goal.

We explored many interesting topics such as the physical and psychological effects of dieting and overeating, developing a healthy relationship with food and exercise, emergency food planning for someone like me who didn’t have a lot of time to cook and prepare meals, I had just given birth and exclusively breastfeeding, I struggled to stay organised and was very sleep deprived. We aligned on a meal plan I would follow each week and one I was comfortable with (I have quite a few intolerances but Monika was very helpful in finding the right foods to ensure I was getting the nutrients I needed and one I didn’t get bored of and looked forward to each day!) She helped me get a better understanding of what healthy eating looks like, what disordered eating is all about, the cycle of binge eating and how to manage cravings and identify when I’m craving vs when I’m hungry.

I’ve had over 10 sessions with Monika and she has really helped me turn my health around and I’ve also gained a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and health! :) I appreciate foods I never used to eat, my meals are overall much more balanced than they used to be, although weight loss wasn’t a goal the weight I have lost was in a sustainable way and for the first time I have a sense of control when it comes to sugar cravings. I’m confident the progress I’ve had will continue over the long term thanks to Monica and I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in regaining control of their health, nutrition and wellness to get in touch with Monika. She is brilliant! *****


Would definitely recommend! ★★★★★

Monika is incredible to work with! She really takes the time to understand you through her consultations, which allows her to take you through a programme tailored to each of her client’s specific needs. She’s always willing to answer any questions you have to help ensure you’re armed with the knowledge you need to be successful long-term. Working with Monika has been life changing for me - would absolutely recommend!


Working with Monika has been life-changing ★★★★★

Working with Monika has been one of the best things I could do for myself. She is incredibly knowledgeable and each session I unlearn heavily ingrained toxic diet culture behaviours.
She’s very supportive and will give you the space you need to find what feels good for you.
My relationship with food has improved massively! I would recommend Monika to anyone that is considering taking a step in healing their relationship with food and their bodies and learn about nutrition.


Invaluable advice and expertise ★★★★★

Monika's 12-week programme was perfect for me. I was seeking advice on fertility and other health matters and I received invaluable advice, information, and guidance from Monika. I now feel completely prepared for what lies ahead. Monika is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and friendly to deal with.

Thank you!


Competence and sensitivity ★★★★★

I reached out to Monika in a moment of great despair, I did not know what I could do to feel better, I was overwhelmed by many things and, most importantly, I thought I would never be able to find a solution. I found the support and sensitivity I needed, I found all the informations and tools I was looking for and that I will always have with me. I still have a long path in front of me but I have now confidence and positivity that will help me reach my goals.


Insulin resistance and PCOS ★★★★★

Following a diagnosis of insulin resistance and PCOS (and a possible eating disorder), I reached out to Monika, seeking her assistance in getting my diet changed and feed my body with the right food for it and in the right way.
Monika was amazing from the start. She LISTENED to me, advised, comforted and supported me, never once making me feel ashamed or judged.
I have been working with her since November 2021 and I can confidently say that it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.
I cannot recommend her enough!


Surpassed my expectations ★★★★★

Really great experience and surpassed my expectations as to what I would be getting for the money I was spending. Monika has such a diverse range of knowledge. I felt totally supported throughout this whole process and she even managed to get me the correct diagnosis. Something that my GP had actually missed. So for me really was a life-altering experience


Thank you Monika for the help :) ★★★★★

I was looking for a dietitian to help me with my PCOS and IBS symptoms and a colleague recommended Monika. I had tried so many diets before and nothing worked long-term, but since seeing Monika my attitude towards food and my body has changed and I am so grateful for it. She helped me adjust my eating in a way that helped my periods and I now also know what triggers my IBS. I also lost some weight, but that wasn’t even the aim, we tried to just focus on nourishing my body in the way that suits me. I am so pleased I took the plunge and booked her support programme, it was worth every moment and every penny I spent on it and would highly recommend.


Compassionate client interactions ★★★★★

Monika is not only passionate about her profession, but she is passionate making her clients feel that they are heard and that their understanding of the treatment is equally important in administering care.

Holy Ellis