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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

PCOS is the most common hormonal disorder seen in women, and it can have a profound impact on a woman’s health, both physical and mental. It’s little wonder that so many women with PCOS feel like they’re on a dieting merry-go-round.

For years, the prevailing medical advice has been to lose weight in order to ‘treat’ the condition. But as any woman who has ever been on a diet knows, losing weight is no easy feat – and it’s even harder when you’re dealing with hormonal issues. Not to mention the fact that most diets are ineffective in the long term. In fact, some women find that their weight actually increases after starting a diet, due to the way that restrictive eating can trigger disordered eating patterns and yo-yo dieting.

The root cause of PCOS is still not fully understood, but it is thought to be linked to hormonal imbalance and low-level chronic inflammation. While there is no cure for PCOS, the condition and the associated symptoms can be managed through lifestyle changes.

It is a complex condition that presents differently in every woman. It can cause a range of symptoms, from irregular periods and weight gain to fertility problems and excessive hair growth. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing PCOS. I will work with you to design a personalised plan that meets your unique needs and helps you achieve your desired results.

Let's work together to:

  • Reduce mood swings, tiredness and ‘brain fog’
  • Prevent weight gain or achieve weight loss, especially around your abdomen
  • Reduce carbohydrate cravings and comfort-eating
  • Regulate your periods and increase chances of ovulation (important for fertility)
  • Improve digestive symptoms
  • Increase your confidence in nourishing yourself well.

Managing PCOS is a uniquely personal journey, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution. I'm here to tailor our consultations to your strengths and challenges. Here's a glimpse into some of the common themes we often explore:

  • Understanding your unique PCOS type and its related symptoms
  • Personalised nutrition advice to alleviate your specific symptoms by getting to the root causes
  • Examining your lifestyle choices, from sleep and stress management to physical activity, alcohol intake, and exposure to environmental toxins, and how they influence your hormones
  • Identifying supplements backed by evidence to improve your individual PCOS symptoms
  • Assessing your risk of developing complications related to PCOS and providing personalised recommendations to mitigate these risks.

Additional options:

  • Blood test to look at abnormalities common in PCOS (£120)
  • Flash blood glucose monitoring if pre-diabetes/ insulin resistance (£100)
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