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Speaking & Events

Inspiring Women's Wellness: Tailored Seminars & Workshops for Your Next Event

Why Choose Me? 

With over ten years as a Registered Dietitian, I bring a wealth of expertise to each talk, ensuring your audience leaves not just informed but inspired.

My Background

Bridging the gap between the NHS and private sector, my career is built on a foundation of educating and empowering others. Each seminar is meticulously crafted, grounded in the latest research, to not only engage but make a meaningful impact.

Interactive Learning Experiences

Imagine your event alive with the buzz of interactive webinars, captivating video tutorials, and personalised coaching sessions. These aren’t your standard talks; they're designed to draw participants in, making every piece of information resonate on a personal level.

Focusing on Women's Health

Specialising in Women's Health, my seminars tackle the essential, from navigating life phases with grace to natural strategies for managing perimenopause and menopause, and the art of turning knowledge into habits for lifelong wellness.

Let's Talk

Interested in making your event or corporate wellness program unforgettable? Reach out to start a conversation on how we can work together to bring expert-led health and wellness insights to your audience.

  • Expertise and Experience: Tap into a decade of dietetic expertise for seminars that engage and enlighten.
  • Research-Driven Content: Rely on seminars enriched with the latest findings, ensuring your audience receives impactful and actionable insights.
  • Diverse and Interactive Formats: From webinars to personalised coaching, offer your attendees a variety of ways to connect and learn.
  • Empowerment through Education: Focus on Women's Health to provide your audience with the knowledge they need for making informed health decisions.

PS. If you're aiming to leave a lasting impact on your audience with a seminar that blends education with engagement, let's connect. Together, we can create an event that not only educates but truly transforms.