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Restrictive Eating

What we can achieve working together:

  • Increase your confidence in nourishing yourself well.
  • Reduce tiredness and mood swings.
  • Release yourself from rigidly controlling your food (e.g. calorie counting).
  • Achieve a stable, healthier weight.
  • Feel more comfortable in your body.
  • Free up your mind from over focus on body shape/size and engage in what REALLY matters to you

Nourishing and caring for ourselves should be one of the simplest things we do each day, yet so many women go through life feeling weighed down by it - both physically and emotionally. Here's a glimpse into some of the common themes we often explore: 

  • Assessment of your true nutritional needs (all aspects of nutrition- not just calories!) establishing eating patterns that work for you, both practically and with your health in mind.
  • Understanding the links between metabolism, hunger hormones and energy availability (e.g. under-eating slows your metabolism & overeating can lead to low level chronic inflammation).
  • Getting rid of dieting mentality and focusing on life-long sustainable changes.
  • Dealing with cravings/ emotional eating; learning to recognise hunger vs cravings
  • Exploration of food rules and nutrition-related beliefs.
  • Re-learning how to recognise and respond to hunger and fullness signals.
  • Building new positive habits to achieve good health and support the needs of your body. 
  • Understanding the role that sleep, exercise and stress play on your hormones and metabolism.
  • Building new nutrition and lifestyle habits that you enjoy and that feel natural to you.
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